Jay Cassario – THE Wedding Workshop

Savannah, GA

Jay Cassario

Savannah, GA

Location TBA

January 17th-19th 2020

Friday: 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

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Join Jay Cassario for three days of intensive learning in Savannah GA. This workshop is open to all photographers. You do not need to own a Leica to attend.

Wedding photographers, are hired to tell a story. Learning how to tell those stories through artistic and creative imagery can be extremely challenging, which is why those that do it well are often extremely successful. This completely new workshop is designed to provide you with an inside look into Jay Cassario’s approach to storytelling. The art of storytelling in wedding photography starts way before ever picking up a camera or clicking the shutter. Jay’s focus on storytelling starts from the moment he meets his clients for the first time and continues well past the last call at the wedding reception.

Some workshops focus on how to shoot couple’s portraits, how to run a successful business or marketing campaign, or even just lighting techniques. We will cover it all from portfolio review, to having you attend and shoot a mock elopement, to post processing, building client relationships, and album design/sales.


  • Booking your ideal client
  • Successful consultations
  • Building client relationships
  • Storytelling shooting techniques
  • Artistic portraiture
  • Post-processing
  • Album design/sales


This weekend workshop will be packed full of opportunities to both observe Jay’s approach to shooting and the chance to shoot your own images and receive feedback on the results.

The workshop will kick off on Friday afternoon with an Engagement shoot at 3:00p.m. followed by a private dinner for all participants.

Saturday, Jay will walk participants through a mock wedding. We will start with Bride and Groom prep and First Look moments. After a brief lunch, you will have an opportunity to photography a mock ceremony followed by formals and the reception. During the entire workshop, you can see first-hand Jay’s posing techniques as well as how to develop rapport with your clients.

Sunday will be devoted to developing your business plan, studio management, and album sales. After a brief lunch, Jay will demonstrate his image processing techniques.


This workshop will be an experience meant to help those that have just started getting their feet wet in the wedding industry, as well as those who have been going at it for years and looking to make positive changes that could take their business in new directions.

If the “Workshop” is just what you’ve been waiting for, come prepared knowing how to explain your business model, your goals, and what you are looking to get out of this experience. We will be keeping things on a more intimate level where there will be one on one time with each attendee. Be prepared to dig a little deeper than you ever have before in order to help you grow in ways you never thought possible.

Owning a Leica is never a requirement to attend one of our workshops. We will have both S and SL cameras available.

Enrollment is limited to only 12 participants. Save $200 off registration, until August, 2020.

Coffee and snacks will be provided throughout the program. Lunch both Saturday and Sunday.

Lodging is not included in the workshop fee. Recommended hotels will be provided with your registration.


Jay Cassario is a South Jersey based Wedding Photographer, Leica Brand Ambassador and owner of the prestigious multi-photographer studio Twisted Oaks. Having shot his first wedding less than 5 years ago, Jay has been able to accomplish more than most that have been in the industry for over a decade.

Jay is best known for his artistic and storytelling approach to his photography that has earned him awards and publications. He is a well-known Leica photographer and it serves as one of the foundations of his brand. With Twisted Oaks Studio booking over 100 weddings per year, the success he has seen has led to him quickly becoming a well-respected industry leader and educator.

To see more of Jay’s work head on over to www.twistedoaksstudio.com or www.jaycassario.com

Camp Reset was exactly the refresher I needed to get out of the rut. It helped me get back to the basics, to what's really important. It wasn't about the latest gears, tricks and gimmicks. It was about something more real and genuine like client relationship and how to respect it. Investing in each other thru friendship. Being a successful creative does not mean you lose your humanity.

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