Portrait Fundamentals – Available Light

Washington D.C.

David Bickley
John Kreidler

Washington DC

Leica Store DC

AUGUST 29, 2020

Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm


Fee: $349.99


We all take pictures of people, friends, family etc, but for most of us it’s rare that these images are our best. There is hardly a more difficult subject to capture than a portrait, yet the skill of making someone look good and feel more at ease in front of your camera is something you can learn.

This workshop is designed for photographers who want to gain a more formal understanding of portrait photography. Students will gain insight into the key elements that professional portrait photographers take into account, before clicking the shutter.

Whether you are interested in pursuing portrait photography professionally or you just want to know how to get past someone’s, “camera face,” this program will show you how with a keen eye for the quality of light and the careful placement of your subject, you can go from snapshot to compelling portraits of your subjects.

Topics covered include:

  • Philosophy and goals of the portrait photographer
  • Lens selection
  • Dealing with different forms of available light
  • Use of reflectors and diffusers
  • Metering
  • Getting to the best pose
  • Engaging with your subject

This program will focus on approaches to creating portraits exclusively with available light. From understanding window light to using the sun as a back light, participants will leave with a better understanding of the creative possibilities of portraiture.

What to expect:
The day will begin with a look at the history of great portraits, providing a solid foundation in concepts of classic portrait lighting.  We will breakdown the thought process and considerations that go into camera and lens choices, demonstrating the techniques and communication skills needed to put someone at ease in front of your camera.

In order to be most effective behind the camera it is essential that you know how it feels to be a subject in front of the lens, for this reason we will be photographing each other in the afternoon.

Students will break off into groups to work with models.  Each group will have a dedicated amount of time to ensure each model and photographer have a chance to work directly.  The groups will start with available light

Shooting both indoors and outdoors; students will focus on choosing backgrounds, posing and “finding the light”.

Image review:
Students are to bring 5-10 images for critique and image review to see where they are with portraiture.  Students may either bring in a series, or different portraiture sessions.

Though this is a beginner class, students must have basic working knowledge of their camera’s basic functions (ISO/Aperture/Shutter, focusing system and accessing the camera menu) . This course will not be focused on knowing the ins-and-outs of your camera, but how to use it in a portraiture situation.


This workshop will be an experience meant to help those looking to create portraits that tell a storey and to learn how to work with your subject and enviormental constrants

Owning a Leica is never a requirement to attend one of our workshops. We will have both S and SL cameras available.

Enrollment is limited to only 10 participants.


David Bickley

Award winning photographer David Bickley approaches his craft as he approaches life; fearless, and wholly engaged. Whether shooting for a corporate client, publication, or an individual, his astute perspective and raw commitment to existing in the moment enable David to capture the power and voice of every person that steps in front of his lens. His poignant and simple photographic style is a wonderful representation of the easy depth which encompasses David’s personality and talent.

John Kreidler

John Kreidler is East Coast Product Specialist for Leica Camera and has more than 20 years’ experience in providing imaging and production insight to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Not only does John know about cameras, he is also very interested in visual storytelling. He has been chosen as one of seventy photographers worldwide to be published in a book “Inspiration Leica Akademie”. His contribution is in the early morning and evening light photography section. John enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and frequently conducts workshops, dealer events and product training to sales staff and enthusiasts.

His mantra is “I want to make more than beautiful images. I want to craft images that tell a story and connect the viewer to the subject. No words needed.”

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