Leica SL2 Owners Workshop (Part 2) – In- Person


May 8th 
(10AM – 4:00PM) PT
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JUNE 12th
10AM – 4:00PM PT
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July 1st 
(10AM – 4:00PM) ET
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An Intermediate/Advanced  workshop for current owners of the Leica SL2 System. 

Join Leica Product Specialists Ray Olson and John Kreidler as they guide you through the process of using your SL2 at an intermediate/advanced level.  This is Part 2 of a 3 Part Series featuring the SL2 system.  This intermediate/advanced paced course will take owners into deeper discussion of the SL2 and using it in various shooting environments.

The workshop will take users deeper into their SL2, getting the most out of the system to their needs.   This workshop is designed for professionals or power users who have not quite fully adapted to fully using their Leica SL2.  The program will introduce students to the Leica SF-60 & SF-C1 flash system as well using single and multiple wireless flash units.  

The Leica SL2 is an incredibly customizable camera. The workshop will cover many topics, such as the various focusing modes available with L-Mount lenses, as well as with Leica M and R lenses, best practices for fast auto and manual focusing, and setting control for specific shooting scenarios, all giving you the experience to fully realize your planned shoots and capture unexpected life moments.

There will be a 1-hour break toward the middle of class.


  • Deep diving into customizing user profiles & function buttons
  • Tethering the SL2 into Capture One 21 & basic intro into Capture One interface.
  • Tethering the SL2 into Adobe Lightroom
  • Focusing using M/R lenses & advanced focusing features (tracking)
  • Demonstration & lecture using the camera in different photographic situations
  • Introduction to using the SF 60 & SF C1 Commander & Remote Flash System
  • Adapting to the Leica SL2 from another camera system


Current SL2 Owners intermediate to advanced levels and anyone interested in learning the SL2  with components beyond the camera system, will benefit from this program.  This class will benefit both professionals and Leica SL enthusiasts who have acquired an SL2, and in transition trying to “cross over” from their previous or current camera system.

New owners of the SF-60 & SF-C1 system will also benefit from the workshop.

Requirements/pre-requisites:  This is an intermediate/advanced paced course.  Students must have a solid understanding of photographic terminology & dialogue.  Photography Fundamentals & knowledge of the exposure triangle will be expected.  The ability to demonstrate navigating through the SL2 system confidently on their own will be required.  We recommend attending the SL2 Owners (Part 1) course if you are new to the SL and professional camera systems in general.  If you are a novice photography, we suggest the Photography Fundamentals course as a pre-requisite for Part 1.

Students must have ZOOM installed and running properly on their computer before the class day.  Installation & operation videos are available online through the zoom website. 

Having an SF-60 & SF-C1 not required, but it may help if you have questions regarding your flash unit.

Part 3 of the series, coming later this year, will be focused on the “video” segment of the SL2 and newest member of the SL family, the SL2-S.

AVAILABILITY: If your workshop date is sold out or not available on a day & time you can learn, we do offer customized bespoke sessions here.

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Tuition: $299.99

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