Filmmaking with Bret Curry

A Leica Akademie WEEKEND Workshop


Bellevue, WA
March  6th – 8th, 2020

Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


12 spaces remaining!

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  • Image ©Sussan Farahani

  • ©Bret Curry


Join us for a three-day, hands-on workshop designed to take you through the full script-to-screen production process of a short film or commercial project.

Whether you are a budding independent filmmaker, interested in creating high-quality short films, or want to elevate your YouTube content, this weekend workshop will provide a foundation and greater understanding of filmmaking that is guaranteed to benefit your future projects.

Participants will explore the best ways to set up the Leica SL for cinematic capture and the tools and accessories available to expand the capability of the camera. Attendees will learn and utilize current standardized film industry practices while allowing space for impromptu creative decisions on set and in the edit bay.

Following a day of pre-production, the group will spend a full day learning how to work on set with actors, utilizing indoor and outdoor lighting scenes, and capturing raw footage. Bret will then demonstrate how to bring the project to a successful conclusion through editing and color-correcting the final cut. This workshop will bring to life the entire process of film production — from conceptualization to completion. Anyone interested in filmmaking and wanting to advance their videography skills would benefit from attending this workshop.


  • Setting up the Leica SL internally for cinematic image capture
  • Expanding the physical capabilities of the Leica SL with cinema accessories
  • A full overview of standardized film production practices
  • Transforming a script into an actionable production schedule and shot list
  • Camera department workflow and direction of actors on-set
  • Lighting and maintaining consistency throughout both a scene and a project
  • Ingesting and organizing footage for editorial review
  • Basic intro to editing, coloring, and delivery of final project for online or physical distribution


10am – 5pm: Hyatt Boardroom

Pre-Production and Gear Prep

Participants will begin the day with a camera prep of the “A” camera – our Leica SL. Bret will go through the best settings and practices for cinematic capture, an overview of the cinema specific accessory items to expand the camera’s functionality, and review the lighting and grip package we will have at our disposal for the production day.

The second half of the day will be dedicated to discussing the provided script and how the group can break it down and create a shot list, storyboard, and schedule to guide the participants through the production day.

12pm – 9pm: On-Location (TBA)


Participants will arrive on set and work hands-on with the Leica SL to capture the scheduled shot-list. With the help of two actors, attendees will learn how to shoot multiple scenes in both indoor and outdoor environments. The group will gather around the production monitor throughout the day to discuss creative choices and techniques used to maintain consistency over the course of our scenes. 

All footage will then be transferred to multiple backup drives using a special verification program to ensure that our footage is being stored safely and completely.

1pm – 5pm: Hyatt Boardroom

Bret will be demonstrating the basic editing processes with the captured footage using Adobe Premiere. He will share his method of organizing the footage into a rough cut. Participants will then be guided through the process of editing and color correction to arrive at the final cut. Please note that attendees will not be editing the footage individually.

The class is designed for any person who is interested in the process of creating video content. Leica SL owners interested in using the video capabilities of their camera will benefit from this class as will CL Owners.

Having a solid understanding of the basic principles of photography would be helpful, but not required to attend. If you are ready to go beyond still photography, this program is for you.

Production equipment will be provided, but attendees are welcome to bring their own cameras to help provide extended coverage of our scenes. Owning a Leica Camera is not required.

Strictly limited to only 12 participants to ensure a quality experience.

Coffee and snacks provided throughout the weekend. Catered Craft services for dinner provided on Saturday.


Bret Curry is a cinematographer and photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He has collaborated with acclaimed directors Shane Carruth, David Lowery, Kurt Sayenga and Ryan White on a variety of projects, including “A Ghost Story” by A24 Films. His work has also been featured on AMC and National Geographic television networks. He is currently working with Apple on a future project.

Bret has shot with Leica for years, and recently displayed his exhibition of still photographs “THE CALM AT THE EDGE” at Leica Store Bellevue. He has been shooting primarily with the Leica Q since its release and used it to photograph the entire series. To see more of Bret’s work, visit his website at & his photography on Instagram.

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