Leica Portrait Fundamentals – Available Light

Karaminder Ghuman

When & Where

October 15th, 2017

10:00 am – 5:00 pm


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Summary / Description:
We all shoot pictures of people, friends, family etc, but for most of us it’s rare that these images are our best. There is hardly a more difficult subject to capture than a portrait, yet the skill of making someone look good and feel more at ease in front of your camera is something you can learn.

This 1-day workshop is designed for photographers who want to gain a more formal understanding of portrait photography. Students will gain insight into the key elements that professional portrait photographers take into account, before clicking the shutter.

Whether you are interested in pursuing portrait photography professionally or you just want to know how to get past someone’s, “camera face,” this program will show you how with a keen eye for the quality of light and the careful placement of your subject, you can go from snapshot to compelling portraits of your subjects.

Topics covered include:

  • Philosophy and goals of the portrait photographer
  • Lens selection
  • Dealing with harsh light
  • Use of reflectors and diffusers
  • Metering
  • Getting to the best pose
  • Engaging with your subject

What to expect:
The day will begin with a look at the history of great portraits, providing a solid foundation in concepts of classic portrait lighting. Your instructor will breakdown the thought process and considerations that go into camera and lens choices, demonstrating the techniques and communication skills needed to put someone at ease in front of your camera.

Following lunch a practical hands-on session will allow you to immediately put into practice the ideas presented in the morning. In order to be most effective behind the camera it is essential that you know how it feels to be a subject in front of the lens, for this reason we will be photographing each other in the afternoon.

Shooting both indoors and outdoors students will focus on choosing backgrounds, posing and “finding the light” using nothing but the light you find.

About the instructor

Originally from England, Karaminder is a commercial photographer now based in San Francisco. Renown for his ability to both teach and create portraits, he has built a client list that includes Disney, LucasArts, Verizon, British Airways, Mashable, PepsiCo., and Humanscale.

In addition to his work with the Leica Akademie, Karaminder has shared his photography knowledge around the world, as a mentor for the Headshot Crew. A writer for Resource Magazine, he is a frequent guest of their podcast.  This recent interview on CreativeLive provides insight into his story and path to photography.

There’s even a couple viral YouTube videos where he has helped share the secrets of how to look more photogenic in your photographs.

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Additional Information

Students are expected to have a basic understanding of photography terminology, focusing and exposure techniques.

You are not required to own a Leica camera to attend this event. Feel free to bring your own camera. All brands are welcome.  A full selection of the latest Leica M Rangefinders, M lenses, and the S-system will be available for your use.

Enrollment  is limited to 12 participants.

A catered lunch is included in your fee. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions, when you register.