Event Types



Seminars examining aspects of a particular Leica product or examining the broader aspects of photography. Many Essentials events are aimed at Leica owners, or prospective buyers, and consist of in-depth instruction on the finer points of using these camera systems. Other Essentials events are for those new to photography and who want to get up to speed with camera operations and the core concepts that affect all photographs.

Highlights:  M Owners  |  Leica Q  |  Monochrom  |  Compact  |  Lightroom


Leica Weekends

Scheduled on the weekends to make it easy for you to attend, these programs concentrate on specific aspects of photography. Topics can include Travel, Landscape or Street Photography, but every event will combine classroom lectures with hands on shooting. As always, all camera brands are welcome along to this event, and you may enjoy the opportunity to try out one of the latest Leica cameras.

Highlights:  Travel Photography  |  Landscape Photography  |  Portrait Photography  |  Zines & Self-Publishing  |  Food Photography  |  Photographing the Automobile

master workshops

Master Workshops

The goal of our Master Class series is simply to create the opportunity for you to learn from the very best photographers in the world. Multiple days of instruction in a small group with a world class instructor is a recipe for improvement in your photography.

Highlights:  Bruce Gilden  |  Maggie Steber



These are our flagship experiences designed for photographers looking to get away from it all and return with fantastic images. Combining fine food and exquisite accommodation with intimate and immersive photography experiences, these all-inclusive workshops are one of a kind. Learning about photography is lots of fun but actually going out and shooting fantastic images is what it’s all about. Destination events are set up to provide photographers with opportunities to put theory into practice at locations chosen for their photographic potential.

Highlights:  Germany  | Momenta Project workshops |


Festivals & Events

The Leica Akademie can be found throughout the year at festivals and events throughout North America. Check our calendar for the latest opportunity to get your hands on the latest Leica products or be inspired by a guest lecture.

Highlights:  Leica Society Meetings


Professional Imaging Demos

If you are a professional photographer interested in learning more about the Leica S Typ 007 and SL Typ 601, our Professional Imaging product specialists are available to guide you through the nuances of the the system.

Highlights:  Leica S  |  Leica SL